Apple Watch

“Never underestimate the power of geometric solids.” – Gary Faigin

Apple Watch (2020), acrylic on 9″x12″ panel
Ivan Schneider
Faigin Still-Life Atelier, Week 12

GF: “A watchband is an ellipse mounted by a perfect circle.”

In-class drawing of watchband by Gary Faigin

“The big difference between structure and detail: Detail has no structure. Painting the numbers on the watch doesn’t do anything for the solidity of the painting. But looking at these structural elements and the way the light brings them out, that’s the heart and soul of realist painting.”

“I never get tired of getting these elements to work, looking at the way the light and the form work together.”

Time to move

In January 2021, we left Queen Anne and the garage for a downtown condo, a just a walk/bike/bus ride away from Gage Academy.

Gage Academy in Capitol Hill, Seattle

One reply on “Apple Watch”

[…] My single best work was near the very beginning of class in September. I did some interesting experiments in the weeks that followed, but my garage art studio soon became a difficult place to work, and I particularly struggled with backing up interesting ideas with solid realist painting techniques. After the death of my father in November, I took a few weeks off, with only a few attempts at creating art. […]


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