Sinking (IVAN: Weeks 9-12)

The Slave Ship (1840), J.M.W. Turner

October 17, 2020. We filled out our election ballots that evening. It was the last time I had a drink.

November 7, 2020. Biden wins. Dad dies.

November 18, 2020. Attended Dad’s funeral via ZOOM.

November 24, 2020. One last garage painting.

Consul’s residence, Highland Drive (2020). Oil on 9″x12″ panel

“The landscape just doesn’t read. You want to be bolder with your values, even if you’re doing it quick. It’s basically all one value. There’s so little distance between the dark of that tree and the light of the sky that they all might as well be the same value. Your tonal range is too limited. You tend to stick to the middle, and what we need is paintings where you’ve got the dark darks and lighter lights. That’s your goal.”

November 30, 2020. Back to the drawing board.

When I opened the Saturday Life & Arts section of the Financial Times, I saw a face, a man with his baggy eyes closed, the image cropped from his bright forehead to the bridge of his nose. I redrew it as I had imagined it, as a value study using a traditional Chinese inkstick plus a calligraphy pen for the ship’s masts.

GF: You need to slow down. The format’s wrong. Turner’s was 1:2, yours is a square. Do a better job.


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